Monday, December 12, 2011


I have had many students ask if I plan to write about our shared experiences at Western New Mexico University, Teacher Education Center, formerly Elementary Laboratory School, and the present Child Development Center Just this past week, I wrote about the connection among the above entities. This was written to celebrate the retirement of Terry Salars Anderson, School Director. It was removed from the program by an administrator.

 It is important to remember the history of institutions and what worked and what didn't, and creating ideal environments for learning was one that Western has always done well.

Students remember the good teachers and the nurturing learning environments. They also remember the bad ones. For those of you who are trusted with the education of others, take that responsibility very seriously, and know that what you say and do will be remembered for years to come. I will be writing more on the subject of teacher and student. I will share thoughts as a counselor and mediator.

Reach out to a child who needs an extra hug. Remember to look for the child within.

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